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Anniversary Trip to the picturesque West Midlands

If you would like to celebrate the 20th anniversary of your company – why not take the whole team to the birthplace and eponymous river in the middle of the picturesque landscape of the Western Midlands in England.

After a traditional & delicious high tea in the historic birthplace of William Shakespeare, we learned more about the world-famous author and witnessed classic enactments of his plays in is family home. The canoe race on the river “Severn” didn’t only awake ambition amongst the team but also gave us the chance to discover the beautiful lush landscape and quaint houses on the riverbanks. The idyllic “Attingham Park” invited us to look back in time and inside a mansion from the 1780s, displaying the life of the former lords & ladies.

The Highlight of our trip was the exclusive gala dinner at the magical Hagley Hall, sending us right into a Jane Austen novel. Who doesn’t enjoy being served dinner on a silver plate by a noble butler?

On the last day we continued our historic-cultural experience by discovering the last village where time stood still in the Victorian era and where the villagers still welcome time travelers to learn about their lives back then. At the end, we enjoyed our fare-well lunch in one of the oldest and best pubs of Ironbridge.

An unforgettable journey and an appropriate way of celebrating a firm’s 20th birthday!

Anniversary Trip to West Midlands
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