MIT Event- & Incentive-Management GmbH


David Knower
Cerberus Deutschland Beteiligungsberatung
COO and Managing Director

“Dear Max, since Cerberus established operations in Germany 20 years ago, you and your team have been a great support to us. It has been two decades of excellent service. Thank you for being a part of our success in Germany.”

Philip Meyer-Horn
Greenhill & Co. Europe LLP
Managing Director

“Dear Mr. Hunzinger, our anniversary was a truly successful event – heartfelt thanks to everybody involved and for the great team effort! Working with you and Jenny Klebe was also very enjoyable!”

Hans-Peter Freybe
Kyowa Kirin GmbH
Director Sales & Marketing

“Dear Mr. Hunzinger, here is my feedback: Hotel – superb. Event – superb. Venue: extraordinary, excellent! Organization – superb. What more can you ask for? Everything super-positive! Many thanks to you and Ms. Klebe, great job! But I didn’t expect anything less! ”

Ilka and Alexander Nagel
participants of the Glasurit customer trip to Namibia

“A huge thank you to you, dear Katja, and to your perfect local assistants. With your friendly yet assertive organizational skills, you managed to create an unforgettable and eventful trip, and we could feel that you had the guys under control. Planning a trip exact to the minute – especially in an African country with its entirely un-European ideas of time and service – stands testament to the extensive preparations and [carries] your personal thumbprint.”

Birte Severin
CORESTATE Capital Group S.A.

“Once again many, many thanks for the wonderful summerfest, your amazing support and great organization! EVERYBODY, without exception, is delighted. I couldn’t have imagined it any better!”

Elke Matz
Xerox GmbH
Channel Operations Manager

“Thank you for the pleasant and professional collaboration. All participants with whom I spoke where delighted about the perfect organization. Also our boss is highly motivated to conduct such an event again next year!”

Max Takahashi
Konica Minolta Business Solutions

“Please allow me to express my sincere thanks for your excellent arrangements and coordination on our incentive trip to Argentina. All our customers were satisfied and enjoyed this event throughout the schedule! See you in March in Capetown!”